Medicaid Continuous Coverage requirement, also known as Protected Medicaid, is ending on April 1, 2023.


If you are on Medicaid you may be losing it.

More info at this links:

You will be notified by Department of Health and Welfare of your next step and if a reevaluation is due.

This will be done in waves not all at the same time.

Contact me for more information.


New Medicare Requirements

Medicare now requires calls to be recorded.  My recording line has a separate phone number.   You can call me at either number or sometimes i will call you at 208-800-0689.  Put me in your contacts so if i call you know it is me.  I am the only one with access to these recordings.

(ii) Records all calls with beneficiaries in their entirety, including the enrollment process.

Please review me

You can give me a review at the below link.

Update: October 15th Open Enrollment Begins

The process has changed this year.  The dates and the way you update info or apply.

Contact me for questions and help in navigating the new process.  It has been simplified to speed up the process and make things easier.


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