Obamacare deadlines

Annual renewal for January with individual policies ends December 15th. Don’t miss your renewal.  obamacare

December is Here!

December 7th is next week.  If you have Medicare make sure you have explored your options by the 7th when Annual Enrollment ends.  confused-about-medicare-choices-san-diego3

Obamacare Annual Enrollment starts November 1st

Don’t miss out on the annual enrollment for individual insurance.  Starting next week we can begin renewing your policies for a January 1st effective date. Enrollment for a January 1st effective date ends December 15th.  Annual Enrollment ends January 31st for a March 1st effective date at the latest, unless you have a Special Enrollment.

Medicare Annual Enrollment

October 1st is next week.  We can start reviewing your options for next year.  Give me a call or send me an email and we can review your plan for 2017.

Did you miss the cutoff for individual insurance

If you weren’t able to get signed up for insurance for 2016, be sure to contact me after November 1st for 2017.  I can give you an estimate and we can get you signed up this time around.  Don’t miss it again.

Individual Insurance Open Enrollment

If you have individual insurance make sure and watch your mail.  Quite a bit of information is coming out.  It will also be time before we know it to review your 2017 plans and options.  November 1st to December 1st is the time frame for a January 1st effective date.


Medicare Annual Enrollment Period Coming Up

It is that time of year again. Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare starts October 15th. Give me a call and we will review your plan and options.

Life Insurance

Do you have life insurance?  Have you reviewed your life insurance lately to see if it needs updated?

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